Permanent Visuals by Angel Sanders
Leo PrideDuck LifeHand SkullGunsJapanese CollageCourtney's DragonRose DaggerFire EagleBackpieceDragonflyZombie FlagSchnake SleeveRosieGarden SleeveCustom Celtic CrossPushead InspiredAnchor ChainMom HeartHarley!Evil Eye EyeTribal SleeveSinnerSoxxEagle Cover-Up
Tattoos (part deux)
Please have respect for the individuality of the art. 90% of my work is custom drawn from scratch with nothing more than a picture in front of me and my own imagination. Therefore, most of the work contained in this website is truly one of a kind, and should be appreciated, not replicated.This process can take a little more time, but the end result is something that is TRULY unique. Plus, being a thief is lame.

I am extremely versatile, so please contact me if you have any questions. No project is too difficult.