Before you smack the send button on that email regarding tattoo work, please make sure you have included the following information:

1.) Your Name and Phone Number

2.) A DETAILED message about your tattoo idea. I need to know where you would like the tattoo to be placed on your body, including which side (right, left, center), size, color or not, and any references that you may have. You can also include references of what you DON'T want to see in your design.

3.) If you are adding on to an existing piece or requesting a cover-up/re-work, I will need to see pictures of that existing piece, as well as the area surrounding it. This includes cover-ups. I need a picture that is taken outdoors, either cloudy or bright light, and one that is taken by another person (to avoid distortion by trying to take pictures of one's own body parts).

IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OF THIS VITAL INFORMATION, YOUR TATTOO REQUEST CANNOT BE PROCESSED. Please be courteous of my time, as well as the time of my other clients who are patiently waiting to hear back from me. I want everyone to have a pleasant experience, and these rules keep the pre-tattoo process simple and streamlined.