• 10 years, and it's been a good run for ol' chikkenscratch.com! 6/20/16

    Well, since it's been a while, I figured I'd update.

    If you were looking for www.chikkenscratch.com, you have found that you were ushered into www.wildroottattoo.com. Chikkenscratch will continue to redirect traffic here until December, 2016. After that, kiss ol' chikkenscratch.com goodbye! In with the new!

    Everything is about the same. I'm traveling a bunch, and doing appointments-only at Flesh Tattoo Company in Fallston, MD. There's a whole write-up in my 'Contact' section for those who are trying to get tattoo work.

    I've created an Instagram account for WildRootTattoo...you can search for it on Instagram, or click on the Instagram icon under my 'Contact' section.

    That's about it. There's a couple new pieces up in 'Tattoos,' a little bit of de-cluttering on this site, and a lot more rad tattoos to come.

    Until next time, kids!

  • About Goddamn Time...9/26/2011

    Sorry for the lack of updates and what-have-ya, y'all. I've been fighting technology for a bit, and only those Facebookers have been able to follow my happenin's as of late.

    Anyway, mini site update in the 'In-Progress' section, couple of new ones in the 'Tattoos' section, and most importantly, I've been holed-up at Flesh Tattoo Company ( www.fleshtattoocompany.com ) out of Fallston, MD.

    West Coast, I'll see you sometime in March. Hawaii...you're on my list for February.

  • Just an Update.

    Hope you guys enjoy the new layout. There's a couple of new pictures added. I have quite a few projects going on, as well as the usual porkchops. I really do need to start taking more pictures of them, haha!
    Anyways, business as usual. I've been busy with new and old clients alike at Flesh. I'm usually there on select weekends. I still am taking request for BTG and Mason Dixon, so if you cannot make it to Flesh, just shoot me an email and we'll work out a day to meet elsewhere.

    I am also planning another Winter Hiatus, this time to Portland, SF, and possibly San Diego. Portland and SF are a definite for now, so if you want work while I'm there, shoot me an email.
    I'll be leaving in the middle of February, and should be returning to the East Coast at the beginning of April.

    Welp, that's all for now! Check back fro more updates!

  • Flesh Tattoo Company

    I will be guest spotting at Flesh Tattoo Company in Fallston, MD, from July 5th-10th. Please email me, or feel free to call the shop at 410-877-9005 to set up an appointment or consultation.

    I WILL be returning to Flesh August 3rd-6th, and tentatively September 24th-18th. Please keep an eye out either here, or on my home page, for those official dates!


    I'm at BTG Every other week in June (June 1st-5th and 14th-19th for you lazy bastiges) and July 13th-17th. Come get some sweet tattooed gravy on yer skin!!
    Black Thorn Gallery
    13 W. Main Street
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

    Also, July 17th is SAILOR JERRY DAY!! More on that as we burn through the month of June.

  • Oh Yes...Baltimore Tattoo Convention!

    Baltimore Tattoo Convention, February 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Sheraton Hotel (Baltimore City Center).
    Please drop by the Black Thorn Gallery booth and demand a tattoo from either the Rambunctious Ryan Spahr, or the Luminous Landon Lewis! Tell them the chikken made you do it!
    I will be there, but not tattooing. If you would like to talk to me about a tattoo design, shoot me an email ahead of time, or leave a message with the 'gents at the Black Thorn Gallery booth!
    Please visit www.villainarts.com for more info! See you cats there!

  • Winter Hiatus 1/15/10

    To fill ya's in on the skinny...I'll be in San Francisco, tattooing at Cyclops Tattoo in the Mission District. Here are some numbers and words...

    Cyclops Tattoo
    415 621 2657
    513 Valencia Street
    San Francisco CA 94110

    I will be leaving on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, and will be returning sometime at the end of March or early April...I kinda sorta only bought a one-way ticket, so I won't be positive on the exact date until the middle of March. Worry not, fabulous fans of the scratch-wonder, for I shall return to all of you! This is temporary, and I will resume scratch-magic for my East-coast loyals upon my return!
    Also, there will be a few more surprises when I get back...be excited, be anxious, be...well, patient!

    For now, you can find me by appointment only at Mason Dixon Tattoo, or at Black Thorn Gallery [Jan. 27th-31st, 2010]. Please direct all inquiries through email [angelique@chikkenscratch.com]. Thanks to everyone for letting this cHikKeN spread her wings and letting me do what I do best! Love pecks to you all!!

  • El Tattooauge au ChiggumScratch di Black Thorn Gallery.11/3/09

    Yep, Second week of December (8th-12th for you lazy bastidges). I may also show up a week early if my schedule calls for it. If interested in arranging an appointment, email me at: angelique@chikkenscratch.com

    Love pecks to you all!

  • Meeting of the Marked

    Come join Landon Lewis and myself at the Pittsburgh Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Convention. It will be held October 30-November 1st at the Radisson Hotel Greentree.
    Some appointments available, please inquire. I will be tattooing with Landon under Black Thorn Gallery.
    All other info can be found here:


    See ya there!

  • Guest Spot and Conventions 8/14/09

    Alright, in order...
    Guest spot at Black Thorn Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA, this month, 8/25-8/29. Some appointments available, please email me, or call 717-795-8512.

    September 18th-20st, Minnesota Tattoo Arts Convention at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. I will be sharing a booth with the good 'gents over at Twilight Tattoo (www.twilighttattoo.com). For more information, please click www.villainarts.com/index.php?option=co…

    October 29th-31st Meeting of the Marked, Pittsburgh, PA at the Radisson Hotel Greentree. FOr information and/or directions, please click: www.tattoopgh.com/mom.html
    Information on the website will be updated as the time comes closer, but as of right now, I will be tattooing with the crew from True Image Tattoo (New Kensington, PA), and/or with my good buddy, Landon Lewis, from Black Thorn Gallery in M-burg.

    Appointments are available, so please contact me for requests! Thanks for readin'!

  • Guest Spot Updates...7/10/09

    Hey, y'all!
    Here's some guest spot updates!

    July 15th-18th, Black Thorn Gallery (www.blackthorngallery.com), Mechanicsburg, PA!

    July 22nd-30th, True Image Tattoo (wwwtrueimagetattoos.com), New Kensington, PA!

    August 5th-13th, I will be in Portland, OR, hanging with the Puddle Cutters! WEEE!

    OK, that's all for now. Catch you cats on the flip side!

  • Mark these dates on your calendar!

    There's a crap load of stuff happening in Mechanicsburg, PA! Check these events out:

    Black Thorn Gallery is having their one year anniversary party and open house on Sunday, June 14th, 2009. Festivities begin at 5:00 PM. Come out and check out the shop if you've never been there, schmooze with artists and collectors alike, and enjoy all forms of art inside the Gallery.
    Refreshing hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served, so please come out and help celebrate with us!
    13 W. Main Street
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

    Also, Thursday, June 18th will mark the 81st Annual Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg, PA. There will be food, street vendors, games, crafts, and all forms of celebration! Admission is free, and all are welcome.
    Black Thorn Gallery will also be offering piercings for ONE DAY ONLY on Jubilee Day. If you are interested, please call the shop at 717-795-8512 for prices and details.

    Lastly, mark Saturday, July 18th on your calendars, and put a BIG OL' circle around it...Black Thorn Gallery will be hosting the first annual Sailor Jerry Day!
    'Sailor Jerry' Norman Collins is considered one of the biggest influences in the tattoo world. In his honor, BTG has announced a one-day only affair where you can get a Sailor Jerry tattoo at an old-school price. The designs will be pre-priced based on original prices of that era. There will be plenty of artists for this event, so bring your friends and family and help us make this event a success!!

  • 4/06/09 Extended Edition!

    Forgot to add to my original entry below, and I felt that it deserved to be a separate entity...Guest Spots at Black Thorn Gallery! Once a month, every month! Email me for details. Dates change for every month, and I'll try to remember to post them. Otherwise, email my silly-ass and tell me you NEED ink!

  • Spring is Spanged! 4/06/09

    Hey Everyone! Sorry for the duration of no news...but that's good news, right?

    My travel schedule is a little willy-nilly from here on out. Not to mention, Moped Season is upon us, and true to nature, I get a little moped on the brain. Please bear with me until I get the dates officialized...Yea, that's not a real word, but this is my news blog, damnit, and I'll say what I please.

    I will be in Louisville, KY, April 16th-21st. I'll be back in town for a couple of days, then I will be heading right back out to North Carolina April 24th-26th.
    I will be around for the first week or so of May, then I'm arranging a guest spot to Norwalk, CT. Those dates will be announced as soon I get them nailed.
    Heading out to Minneapolis, MN to do a guest spot at Twilight Tattoo www.twilighttattoo.com roughly during the first or second week, TBA. Then I'll be buzzing to a little Moped Rally dealio June 26th-28th in Richmond, VA.
    Guest spot at True Image Tattoo! New Kensington, PA, July 14th-18th! Studio Info can be found here: www.trueimagetattoos.com
    Going to Portland, OR, 5th-12th, dates pending. That trip will encompass the weekend of the 7th-9th, so the beginning and ending dates might change.
    I dunno.
    Eatin' candy, carvin' punkins!
    I love Lima Beans.
    Flying West for the Winter.

    I hope that sums it up. I'm probably going to be out in California during the months of February and March of 2010. Don't worry, I won't be moving out there...yet ;)
    Happy belated Spring!

  • Philly Dilly 2/04/09

    I'll be tattooing at the 2009 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, February 27th-March 1st. At my side will be the infamous Josh Couchenour, and the lovely Landon Lewis. Here's the low down:

    Appointments available! Email me at: angelique@chikkenscratch.com

  • 12/22/08

    Baltimore Tattoo Convention! January 23rd-25th!!
    Downtown Sheraton, Baltimore MD. Check out www.tattooedkingpin.com/baltimore09/ind… for more info!

    I'll be tattooing with my home-bean, Landon Lewis of Black Thorn Gallery. Look for us there!

    Some appointments available. Please contact me if you are interested!

  • 'Nother Guest spot...

    I will be doing a guest spot at Black Thorn Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA (www.blackthorngallery.com) November 19th-22nd. Some appointments are still available, please email me with inquiries!

  • Guest Spot Updates!

    So here it is.....

    August 27th-30th: Mini guest spot at Black Thorn Gallery (www.blackthorngallery.com) in Mechanicsburg, PA. Some appointments available. Please inquire!

    September 1st - 8th: I will be in Norwalk, CT, doing a spot at Ink-Side-Out Tattoo (www.inksideouttattoo.com). If you live up that way, come by and check them out. The shop has just been renovated, and they are only 45 minutes from NYC. Appointments aren't necessary, but if you'd like to get work done, please email me.

    September 23rd - October 1st: I will be in San Francisco. I will be tattooing privately there.

    October 23ish - 29ish: I will be at True Image Tattoo (www.trueimagetattoos.com) in New Kensington, PA. Please come by and say HI! Also, I will be taking appointments, so please email me if interested.

    I will be looking into doing guest spots in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Tennessee. Please keep checking back for these updates.

  • 7/21/08 - Guest Spots!!

    This has been a busy couple of weeks, so I apologize for the lack of updated-ness.

    Guest Spots!
    I will be using Mason Dixon Tattoo as my home base for regulars in the MD area. The shop is located just over the line in PA, about 15 miles from Flesh. Please contact me via email to discuss appointments. I will be making my own appointments, operating separately of the studio. If you need to get ahold of the studio for anything other than scheduling, please call: 717-456-2560.

    This week I will be tattooing privately at Black Thorn Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA (www.blackthorngallery.com or www.myspace.com/blackthorngallery). I refrained from announcing this on my home page because I wanted to reserve time to work on my clients originating from PA. My schedule has pretty much been filled by these clients. I will be doing a few more guest spots there which will be announced on my home page and will be open for all who seek work by me.

    I will be arranging a guest spot at Ink-Side-Out Tattoo in Norwalk, CT, for those interested. This is tentatively scheduled for a week in August or as late as mid-September. Their website is: www.inksideouttattoo.com

    I will also be in Pittsburgh, PA, at True Image Tattoo (www.trueimagetattoos.com) for a week or so beginning mid- October. The exact dates will be posted on my home page.

    More to come! Stay tuned!!
    Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

  • 6/22/08 - A New Venture.

    Ladies and Gentleman, after much deliberation, I have chosen to part ways with Flesh Tattoo Company in Fallston, MD, to pursue my dream of traveling. The split is neutral, and I will be available for the next two weeks. If you'd like to discuss artwork with me, please feel free to contact me here.
    For those looking to get work finished up, stay tuned, as I will be posting my location(s) after I have officially left Flesh.

    For all those who were hoping to get work by me there, I apologize. I will still recommend Flesh Tattoo Company to anyone who asks, and it is possible I may find myself doing guest spots there.

    If you are a PA client, make sure to keep an eye peeled at Black Thorn Gallery (myspace.com/blackthorngallery), and True Image tattoo (www.trueimagetattoos.com) because I WILL be doing guest spots at these locations. The exact dates are still to be determined.

    I will try to announce guest spots on my home page, so please check back often for details!!!
    Thanks to all who have remained patient during this new venture that I am making!!

  • 5/31/08 Extended edition!

    Forgot to include in my other entry to check out Tattoo Savage, July 2008 issue. You will find a neat little spread about Flesh Tattoo Company, which even comes equipped with photograffffy. WHOA. That's right. Chikken:exposed.

  • 5/31/08- HOLY CRAP!!

    I'm as busy as a hyperdrive squirrel burying his nuts in a wet pile of sand.

    Since all of my work is custom drawn from scratch, I am putting a hold on tattoo deposits. I apologize to those looking to get new work. As soon as I catch up, I will be accepting new work orders. I should be back on track after about 2 weeks. Please feel free to email me with any questions, or if you'd simply like to discuss a new (or existing) design with me. I will be more than happy to correspond with you whilst I dwindle these 85 zigagillion orders down to a more manageable pile.
    Thanks to those who support what I do and how I roll!!
    PS, check out the In-Prog gallery. There's a few delicious morsels in there for your viewing pleasure!

  • 4/8/08- What-up, y'allzen?

    How about a brief news entry, ja??
    Check out the In-progress gallery for some not-so-in-progress stuff. There's a few portraits that have been added to ye olde Tattoo gallery. Cheg-um.

    Itching for some work? Call the shop to set up a consultation (410 877-9005). Booking begins at the beginning of May.

    That's it 'fer now! Thanks to all those out there for keeping it real!

  • 2/27/08 - The Return!

    I have returned! Check out the "In-Progress" for recent updates, as well as the new tattoo page. I may be uploading some pix from the trip. Recent tattoos will be uploaded in the "Tattoos" gallery, so keep yer' peepers on the lookout. More projects will be available for your viewing pleasure as they are completed.
    Appointments are available beginning the last week in March. Please feel free to email me directly to discuss your next project, or contact Flesh to set-up a consultation appointment.
    Oh yea...I must apologize in advance for the Bio link under my homepage. As of right now, I am only able to upload my Bio in PDF. That will eventually change in the future. Believe me, I don't like the current tab either.
    Alright, that's all for now! Check back soon for more fun and excitement!

  • 2/13 or 2/14...I don't even know.

    I am currently in Los Angeles from 2/13-2/20. I'll be returning to the office on Thursday, 2/21. If you need to get a hold of me, please drop me a line here, or leave a message at Flesh (410 877-9005). I have limited internet availability, so please be patient if you send me a message during that time! Thanks a ton!

  • 2/03/08 - Yet Another Site Update.

    I've added another Tattoo (Tattoos part deux) gallery, and uploaded a couple of photos there. I have also updated a couple in the ol' In-Progress gallery, so go check that stuff out. More will be uploaded in that section, so keep on the look-out.

    I'll be doing away with the moped gallery until further notice. It was just a test area for the video footage that will be there in the future.

    Convention update - I am all booked up for appointments. Thanks for all the requests! If you were unable to get in with me, I apologize for the inconvenience. Keep your eyes peeled for another chance at future conventions ( which will be posted here).

    Ok, that's all for now!!

  • 1/18/08 -Site Update!

    I've added a few more Tattoo pictures, some In-progress pictures, and a whole bunch of Moped and Photography (Foto-graffy) pictures. There are even some quick moped videos in with the mix. I'm testing these areas, so go check them out while they last!
    I am almost completely booked up for the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. I might have some time on Sunday of that weekend (2/10/08), so if you are looking to get in with me, that would be an available time.
    Also, as a heads-up, I will be out in Los Angeles from Feb. 13-20th. Please feel free to leave me a message on this site, or call Flesh @ 410 877-9005, as I may not be able to check my phone messages promptly.
    Thanks for your patience!!

  • Some New News

    Yessirry, a new news entry! Well, I figured it was about due.

    I am currently booked up until the first week in Feb. If you are out there needing your ink fix, now just might be the right time to get a hold of me. I'll be out and about from January 4th-23rd, so if you need to get in touch, call the studio or drop me a line here. Also, I am currently taking appointments for the B-More Convention. Buzz me if you wanna set something up!

    Let's see, there will be more In-Progress works posted, a couple more tattoos, and some artwork as well. I am trying to get some decent video footage, so keep an eye out for that. I also have a few more goodies for you guys, but I'm keeping it under wraps for now. It will keep ya coming back for more!

    Hope everyone had a great Kreezmuss and soon, a great New Year! 2008 is nearly upon us, and I'm looking forward to it!

    OK, that's all, y'all!!

  • IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!

    So here are the new diggs so you guys can keep tabs of me. I'll be doing a couple guest spots in the new year, so keep checking back as that information is posted.
    I will also be found at the 2008 Baltimore Tattoo Convention. The dates for that show are February 8th-10th, and the location is at the downtown Sheraton hotel. Come down and check it out! There will be shows, vendors, contests, and people who know how to have a good time! More information can be found at www.tattooedkingpin.com/baltimore2008/m…
    Alright, that is all for now! Thanks for stopping by!