Hey guys! I’ve been letting this website languish too long! Please check out my Instagram for more recent work, as well as a phone number where you can txt inquiries!

If you would like to get tattooed, please email with this information:

1.) Your name and phone number
2.) The idea of your tattoo, as well as placement on your body (include left or right if applicable), size, color or none, and any references you wish to send.
3.) FOR EXISTING PIECES/COVER-UPS: If you are adding on to an existing tattoo,or trying to get a cover-up/re-work, please send photos of the existing tattoo and surrounding area that have been taken by another person, outside, in clear or overcast daylight. Poorly taken photos will not help me in the least and causes unnecessary delays.

Any vital information that is missing causes emails to become congested. Please make sure you have included all the information above as both a courtesy to myself and the other people who are waiting to hear back from me.