Permanent Visuals by Angel Sanders
Incan CatEmbroidery TattooHand RoseMonMon CatUnicornWatercolor HummingbirdMammaFawxKnitty RobinSlimerLeekNuthatchersShit LuckVajrapaniSinking Water ManRainbow TroutB7HSFlying SkullCardinalFrawjKoi sleeveWatercolor PoppiesSeven Deadly ApplesPeaphoenixMatruyshkaGuinea Pig PortraitTheodoreStarlingWrist LeafsfsfsfssSnakeishaChup-chake!Mamma MuchaClover FairyBoogieBoogie2Anima SolaAnima Sola2Maori TikiDad PortraitPeony and DragonPeony and Dragon backOak LeavesBanana PandaLion Tree FrontLion TreeLion Tree BackLord Emperor Norton IFord ThunderbirdCreature TreeNautical JamNautical JamNautical JamMusic SkullDryadWingParty AnimalTunaMermaidBanjo DragonRed OrchidsDouble-Edge SwordHeron MoonlightPeachock!Jersey BuckMoth Hand!'Nother ChiggumVari-whaa?Foxy50ccHibiscusPsychadelic LionFancy-Feets!NekomataMarigoldSnake-Cock fo' Realz.Mermaid Dee-LuxWhat's Kraken?Waner-strokerLabyrinth WormAvenged Sevenfold Red KoiDiego What?BookverrrrmHooterKirinLove KillsAnguishApocalyptic LocustCrabPunkin' HeadHodgy!Po-TraitYellyfeesh!DillonManta RayJudySna-cockBusKoiSkibalPart One!Truff.GoldfishKirinLove LostOm LotusAlex GreyChameleonBarnacleMo' BoneOniYuki-OnnaDucksCircle PhoenixRib PhoenixSkull and WingsSunset Half SleeveKoopa ShellZom-BirdBassMastectomyLotus FootScorpionUSMC RipAdam's Portrait
Please have respect for the individuality of the art. 90% of my work is custom drawn from scratch with nothing more than a picture in front of me and my own imagination. Therefore, most of the work contained in this website is truly one of a kind, and should be appreciated, not replicated.This process can take a little more time, but the end result is something that is TRULY unique. Plus, being a thief is lame.

I am extremely versatile, so please contact me if you have any questions. No project is too difficult.